Hempcrete Blocks 120mm


1 Pallet – Delivery Included

Full pallet material consumption and amounts you may require when using 120 mm isohemp blocks 

  • Approx 4.7 kg of iso hemp adehsive mortar builds 1 meter.
  • Full pallet requires 50.7 kg of adehsive mortar.
  • Full pallet requires approx 6 bags of isohemp PCS breathable plaster.
  • Wall ties recommended 1 per block.
  • 60 blocks per full pallet.

Possible Additional products needed.

Trowels, cutting saw (electric /hand saw).

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The 120 mm block meets all the insulation requirements for old building stock renovation. It insulates walls and damp partitions while retaining its insulating properties even in a very humid environment. It makes walls warmer providing high thermal insulation and a greater sense of comfort.

Contact for live delivery rates.

  • Dimensions of a pallet: 120 x 100 x 145 cm

  • Maximum weight of a pallet: 600 kg

  • Number of blocks per pallet: 60 blocks/pallet

  • Number of blocks per m2 – 10.08 m2/pallet

  • Number of blocks per m2 – 5.5 blocks/m2

  • Storage 3 months/exterior

  • Storage life 2 years if covered

We deliver to: Ireland, England, France, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Portugal, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Netherlands.

For other countries a delivery charge may be incurred – please contact us directly for details.