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Hempbuild Sustainable Products Ltd. – Leading the way in Hempcrete Construction.

As a specialist in Hempcrete construction and lime plastering Hempbuild Ltd. are available as a sub-contractor to complete Hempcrete projects both nationally and internationally We are Europe’s leading Hempcrete construction company. Whether it is a simple renovation or retrofit in a small farmhouse or terrace, a new extension or a complete new build using the Isohemp Hempcrete structural system we can assist you.

Installation services

  • Hempbuild Isohemp Hempcrete Installation
  • Hempcrete Isohemp Hempro Installation
  • Extensions & New Builds
  • Specialist Plastering Services
  • Hempflax Plus Insulation Installation

technical ability

  • High thermal insulation.
  • CO2 sequestration.
  • Passive, low energy.
  • Negative carbon footprint.
  • 50% – 80% energy savings.

Our Team & Crew

With unrivalled experience and a team of advisors including architects, technical advisors and specialist plasterers we can deliver your project on time and on budget. We are the industry leading specialists in building with Hempbuild Isohemp hempcrete and other natural materials in renovations and new build projects.

From extensions and large-scale renovations to completed commercial buildings, we have the practical experience, the technical know how and the expert tradesmen to create a healthy sustainable building. Submit your plans or ideas to us for a free cost analysis, we will provide you with a competitive quote for materials and installation services.

installation crews

All Hempbuild installation crews are fully certified, qualified tradesmen.

From a cold damp exterior wall requiring insulation, a complete barn or farmhouse renovation, to building a new home – Simply submit your project information to get a quote. It’s simple, fast and 100% free.

Our aim is to make it easy for property owners to use our hemp sustainable products. A number of clients prefer to self-build with hempcrete blocks, hemp shuttering and hempflax plus insulation, but if prefer to have the work completed for you, our qualified and reliable tradesmen can complete the installation for you, professionally. Simply submit your job, build or insulation details and requirements to us. A chat on the phone sometimes is enough to get the process started or you can send us your architectural plans.

  • We make it easy for property owners to get quotes from qualified installation crews.
  • Only certified qualified trade professionals.
  • We work with the main industry training bodies and regulators to ensure standards.
  • We are Europe’s #1 source of qualified hempcrete installation professionals.  

Hempcrete Blocks & Hempcrete Shuttering

Hempbuild Isohemp hempcrete blocks are great for glued, non-load-bearing masonry for building healthy, natural insulation and partition walls. It is very versatile and not difficult to work with, should you need assistance or installation we are here to help. Hemp shuttering whilst not difficult does require careful mixing of the specified ingredients, consistent tamping and plumb shuttering.

Hempflax Plus & Underlay Installation

Hempflax Plus insulation & Hempflax Felt products are suitable for thermal and acoustic insulation of roofs, facades and floors in new and existing buildings. Hempflax felt products are suitable for multiple purposes: as a sub-floor soundproofing or as a felt underlay. Hempflax products contain no fibres that are harmful or cause irritation to the user. We can install all Hempflax products on your project.

HEMPBUILD – Our Values

At Hempbuild Sustainable Products Ltd. our philosophy is a reflection of the values established by our connection with the people and the world we live in. These values are simple: we rely on genuine integrity, industry-leading craftsmanship and the highest-quality products to build authentic relationships with our clients.

Installation services

Specialist Installers

Our specialist Hempbuild installers are trained and qualified to manage the installation process, working hand in hand with the you, project managers and architects to deliver a first-rate service. One beneficial aspect of our distribution and installation service is that we can deliver and begin installation of your new product as it is delivered. Hempbuild Sustainable Products Ltd. are experts at installing Hempro systems, hempcrete renovations, lime and clay plastering, hemp shuttering and installing Hempflax insulation and underlay products.

Our Promise

  • Friendly and professional service.
  • Prompt delivery and installation.
  • Expert knowledge and application.

The customer experience is at the heart of our service. As an extension of our philosophy, our team understand the importance of delivering the highest level of customer service, which has resulted in long-lasting relationships with our clients.


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