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Hempbuild Sustainable Products Ltd. provide a complete range of consultancy services.

For homeowners, builders and architects who wish to work with and utilise hempcrete and hemp construction materials. Our team and associates are an unrivalled source of knowledge and have led from the front for over 20 years in the hemp construction industry. We are a ecologically minded company offering proactive, real construction solutions and value for money.

We provide our clients with a wide range of pragmatic, expert-led services with close personal involvement from our team and associates throughout all of your project stages whether it is advice relating to a materials purchase, a full installation or architectural plans and advice. Our professional reputation is based on our proven ability to anticipate, negotiate and successfully deliver results with a track record of delivering on time and to budget.

Hempcrete is not a difficult material to work with but it is quite important to understand how it can offer solutions to your project. Whether it is an exterior insulating envelope of hempcrete blocks, a hemp shuttered approach in a new build or the renovation on the interior of a dwelling using 90 mm hempcrete blocks, each project will have its own set of demands and requirements and an understanding of these are key to achieve a successful project. Things to take into consideration will be the expected plans for thermal mass, the structural frame of the building, the finishes available or recommended inside and outside.

Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp Sessions.

With the huge rise in hempcrete construction we find that many of our clients reach out to us for an initial consultancy session.This is to help them to understand more about the possibilities offered by Hempbuild Isohemp and Hempflax construction materials in the early planning stages of their project. Next may be the discussion and recommendations of a renovation project, or architectural plans whereupon we would then do a cost analysis and assist you with the detailed construction elements before the project is finalised. 

We would recommend a consultancy session at design stage of any project, however, we are available to chat at your convenience. We offer one to one consultancy sessions via Skype, FaceTime or WhatsApp video at a time that suits you.

As consultants Hempbuild Sustainable Products Ltd. can offer you:

  • Technical assistance with architectural plans.
  • Advice and recommendations to materials choice.
  • Costing of materials from plans submitted.
  • FREE Consultancy for building designers and clients, online or in person.
  • Online virtual consultancy sessions for overseas clients.
  • Construction site visits.
  • Training in Hempbuild Isohemp Hempcrete blocks installation.
  • Training in specialist lime/clay plastering finishes application.
  • Training in spray plastering application.

Our consultancy sessions are held by experienced members of our team, from architects, hempcrete installers to specialist stuccodores. Online sessions are per hour.

To discuss our fees or to book a session, please get in touch.

Ronan McDermott | Director

Ronan has over 10 years of experience in specialist heritage renovations, lime and clay plastering, site management and project management in Ireland and the UK, working on numerous specialist projects and restorations involving Hempcrete, lime plastering and listed building works.

Gertjan Bruins | Hempflax BV

Gertjan Bruins is a line manager at Hempflax BV. HempFlax is the authority for all practical aspects of cultivating and processing industrial hemp fibre. HempFlax BV has been passionately stimulating the hemp industry and its applications since 1994. We continue working on perfecting our already advanced methods and equipment and are worldwide leaders in innovation and technology. We support and consult partners in the hemp industry in all aspects of their projects: from cultivation to product development.

Dirk Van Impe – Isohemp

Hempbuild Sustainable Products Ltd. work closely with the manufacturers of the products we distribute and install. Dirk Van Impe of Isohemp works closely with Hempbuild in an advisory and technical role related to ETA certification and construction guidelines. Dirk is a source of manufacturing advice and liaises with architects, contractors by providing technical and advice in relationship to isohemp products and construction methodology of the Isohemp structural system.


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