Prokalk Lime Binder x48


25kg Bags (1 Pallet) – Delivery Included.

  • Minimum single order 24 bags
  • One bag 20 kg = €24.95
  • Less than this will cost extra €50.00
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ProKalk lime is a pre-formulated binder intended for the manufacture of hemp concrete. It is a ready-to-use product so that mixtures can be made directly on site. It can be used for manual application or for spraying using a dedicated spraying machine.

Composition: Air Lime 46% – Hydraulic lime 54 %

Items Per Pallet – 48 bags

  • Maximum weight of a pallet: 1t

  • Bag weight: 20kg

  • Storage: Dry and away from moisture

  • Storage life: 6 months

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