PCS Interior Plaster x 40


25kg Bags (1 Pallet) – Delivery Included.

  • Minimum single order 20 bags
  • One bag 20 kg = €28.95
  • Less than this will cost extra €50.00
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PCS interior plaster is an economic, sustainable and high quality solution. It comprises a workable mixture of gypsum, lime and sand, ideal for plastering your walls and ceilings both for renovation and new build projects. The PCS interior plaster provides a smooth white modern finish that is ready for painting.

Items Per Pallet – 40 bags

  • Maximum weight of a pallet: 1t

  • Bag weight: 25kg

  • Storage: Dry and away from moisture

  • Storage life: 6 months

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We deliver to: Ireland, England, France, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Portugal, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Netherlands.

For other countries a delivery charge may be incurred – please contact us directly for details.