Lintel – 30cm Thickness


How to choose your lintel

It is imperative to always provide a minimum bearing length of 20cm on either side of the window for openings up to 2m. For openings over 2m, a 30cm support is required on each side. For walls that are 30cm thick you can use a U block to create two concrete beams of 60cm in length each and thus reduce the length of support to 15cm on each side of the bay.

The choice of lintel is therefore as follows: opening to be covered + (2 x 20cm or 30cm) = minimum length of the lintel.

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Hempbuild IsoHemp Hempcrete prefabricated lintels – Note – Images show sample lintels of various sizes.

Available Lengths: 120, 160, 200, 240, 280 & 300cm.

  • Width 30cm

  • Height 15cm

  • Storage 3 months/exterior

  • Storage life 2 years if covered

These lintels are prefabricated by pouring reinforced concrete inside hemp blocks which have been machined in advance and have the same characteristics as the masonry blocks. Their use prevents the formation of thermal bridges and ensures an overall continuous insulating envelope.

They are used for door and window openings in hemp block masonry construction and ideally suited for new build and interior and exterior renovations.

IsoHemp Hempbuild lintels are available in thickness of 9cm, 12cm, 15cm, 20cm and 30cm and in various lengths, weights and linear loads.

See product catalogue for more information: Lintels Catalogue

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