Hempflax Plus Insulation - 40mm to 160mm Thickness

Hempflax Plus Insulation - 40mm to 160mm Thickness

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Hempflax Plus is a high-quality insulation material made from fibre of the industrial hemp plant. A natural (and sustainable) product with exceptional insulating properties. The unique thermal, moisture-regulating properties and acoustic effect of hemp fibre contribute to a healthy and sustainable living environment. 

  • Available in sheets of 40mm, 60mm, 80mm, 100mm, 120mm, 140mm and 160mm thickness.

  • Each sheet on a pallet is 1200mm x 600mm.

  • Each Pallet contains 10 packages of wrapped sheets.


Hempflax Plus insulation products are suitable for thermal and acoustic insulation of roofs, facades and floors in new and existing constructions. This material is the wonderful natural alternative to synthetic and mineral insulation materials. Besides traditional construction techniques, our product is ideal for timber frame constructions. When HEMPFLAX PLUS materials are used in 'vapour-permeable' building constructions, the unique qualities of this natural product become even more enhanced. 

Hempflax Plus Advantages

  • Quick and easy implementation, lightweight.

  • Easy and problem free to handle, the fibres cause no irritation.

  • Natural humidity regulation.

  • Mold resistant: Hemp has a strong natural resistance to mold and bacteria.

  • Environmentally friendly.

  • VOC and Toxin Free.

  • Fire resistant: It is inflammable and does not release toxic gases during its combustion.

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Natural Solutions

Industrial hemp fibre is an annually renewable, natural source of non-toxic, high-quality raw materials. Hemp fibre-based insulation materials have a very long service life. Perfect for a healthy and pleasant living environment with minimal environmental impact.


  • 1 hectare of agricultural land provides 9 tonnes of hemp straw per year (4x more biomass than a hectare of forest per year!)

  • 1 hectare of hemp fibre stores 15 tonnes of CO2 each harvest.

  • Cultivation doesn’t require pesticides and enriches the soil.