Hempcrete Blocks 60mm


1 Pallet – Delivery Included

Full pallet material consumption and amounts you may require when using 60 mm isohemp blocks 

  • Approx 2.4 kg of iso hemp adehsive mortar builds 1 meter.
  • Full pallet requires 51.8 kg of adehsive mortar.
  • Full pallet requires approx 11 bags of PCS isohemp breathable plaster.
  • Wall ties recommended 1 per block.
  • 120 blocks per full pallet.

Possible Additional products needed.

Trowels, cutting saw (electric /hand saw).

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The 60 mm hemp block is the ideal product for interior renovating. Residents benefit from the qualities of the material while maintaining maximum space. It is particularly suitable for isolating small rooms, old brick/stone walls or damp partitions.

Contact for live delivery rates.

Dimensions of a pallet: 120 x 100 x 145 cm

  • Price Per Metre: €36.35

  • Maximum weight of a pallet: 600 kg

  • Number of blocks per pallet: 120 blocks/pallet

  • Number of blocks per m2 – 21.60 m2/pallet

  • Number of blocks per m2 – 5.5 blocks/m2

  • Storage 3 months/exterior

  • Storage life 2 years if covered

We deliver to: Ireland, England, France, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Portugal, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Netherlands.

For other countries a delivery charge may be incurred – please contact us directly for details.