Angle Bars


Delivery Included

Units per pallet

  • Angle Brackets for use with 15cm Block: 35 Units per pallet/250kg.
  • Angle Brackets for use with 20cm Block: 24 Units per pallet/254kg.
  • Angle Brackets for use with 30cm Block: 20 Units per pallet/254kg.
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The use of angle bars is recommended when laying the first row of hemp blocksin some applications. This solution shall be preferred for exterior insulation as analternative to a base (silica-limestone, cellular glass, etc.) when there is no adequatefoundation. They can also be used in new builds to support hemp masonry blocks when the latter are suspended. In general, the angle bar can be used as a lintel in certain applications, or can be used as a connection between two long very thick lintels.

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  • Positioned away from ground

  • Carrier tray for exterior insulation system

  • Can be used as lintel in specific enviroment

  • Connector between 2 long lintels

  • Must be fixed using 8mm screws or thicker

  • Each angle bar is designated to a specific block size

  • Flexibility on-site

  • Fast implementationī€Œ

  • Adapts to any supportī€Œ

  • Galvanised steel

  • Storage: Dry

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