Hempflax Plus Installation to a Two Storey Residence.

Project Details

Location: The Nederlands
Project Type: A two-storey traditional residence.
Project Duration: 1 week
Project Summary: A deep retrofit of a traditional residence utilising Hempbuild Isohemp 90 mm hempcrete blocks and 100 mm Hempflax insulation to the roof and floor.

Methods of construction specific to this project.

A complete renovation of a residential two-storey house in the Nederland’s using Hempcrete blocks and Hempflax Plus. The residence was insulated with Hempflax Plus natural insulation material in the roof space and floor joists throughout the structure. Hempflax Plus is a high quality insulation material made from hemp fibre. The unique thermal, moisture-regulating properties and acoustic effect of hemp fibre contribute distinctly to a healthy and sustainable living environment.

Materials used:

  • 100 mm Hempflax Plus Insulation

  • 90 mm Hempbuild Isohemp hempcrete blocks

  • Isohemp Mortar Adhesive

  • Galvinised wall ties

  • Tools & Accessories


Additional construction methods available on this type of project.

Hempflax Plus is specially adapted for interior insulation and work particularly well on a structure like this. Another option available in such cases are to use a larger thickness such as the 160 mm Hempflax Plus Insulation. This would significantly increase insulation values thus improving the  buildings performance and reducing energy cost.

Hempflax Plus Advantages

  • Quick and easy implementation, lightweight.

  • Easy and problem free to handle, the fibres cause no irritation..

  • Natural humidity regulation.

  • Mold resistant: Hemp has a strong natural resistance to mold and bacteria.

  • Environmentally friendly.

  • VOC and Toxin Free.

  • Fire resistant: It is inflammable and does not release toxic gases during its combustion.

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