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The Hempcrete Blocks are made by combining the woody stem of the industrial hemp plant with a lime binder. The blocks are a low embodied carbon alternative to conventional insulated walling systems and are supplied by Hempbuild Ltd. and manufactured by Isohemp Ltd. in Belgium. They are a low embodied energy construction material with a thermal and hygroscopic performance which produces comfortable, healthy energy efficient buildings.

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The Isohemp Hempcrete Block

Hempcrete block construction allows you to very easily create low-energy, very low-energy and passive projects. Sealing tasks become easier, regulation is improved and thermal comfort is noticeably better. If you choose to build with hempcrete blocks, it guarantees a straight-forward, affordable and relaxed project, whether it's a residential, development or social housing project. Hempcrete blocks are easy to work with.

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Mortar Adhesive, Prokalk and PCS Plaster

All of the additional products you need are right here. PCS plaster is an economical, durable and superior solution. The interior plaster is a well-judged mix of natural plaster, limestone and sand. Ideal to coat your walls and ceilings both for renovations and new builds! Our mortar adhesive has been specially developed for building with hempcrete blocks indoors and outdoors and our Prokalk binder is excellent for mixing hempcrete.



We believe in building homes that last through the generations. A home that self regulates, and resonates with the rhythm of life lived within. The naturally regulating benefits of our products and the environment of warmth, health and personality they create, ensures natural sustainable buildings that last the test of time.



The Benefits of a Healthy Insulation.

HEMPFLAX PLUS insulation materials mute sound, regulate humidity, prevents mould and reduces temperature fluctuations. The sheets are simple and pleasant to use, guaranteed free from harmful substances and cause little or no risk of skin and respiratory irritation.

HEMPFLAX PLUS is a high-quality insulation material made from fibre of the industrial hemp plant. A natural (and sustainable) product with exceptional insulating properties. The unique thermal, moisture-regulating properties and acoustic effect of hemp fibre contribute distinctly to a healthy and sustainable living environment. 


Hempflax Plus

HEMPFLAX PLUS insulation products are suitable for thermal and acoustic insulation of roofs, facades and floors in new and existing constructions. This material is the wonderful natural alternative to synthetic and mineral insulation materials. Besides traditional construction techniques, our product is ideal for timber frame constructions. When HEMPFLAX PLUS materials are used in 'vapour-permeable' building constructions, the unique qualities of this natural product become even more enhanced.



Complementary products for hempcrete blocks - PCS Plaster, Mortar Adhesive, Angles, Lintels & Brackets. Whatever you need for your Hempcrete construction we can have it delivered direct.

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For all of your wall openings.

IsoHemp lintels are prefabricated lintels made of hempcrete reinforced with a concrete core. Used for door and window openings in hempcrete block masonry, they are ideally suited for new builds and interior or exterior renovations. They make it possible to eliminate thermal bridges and to help achieve an all-round and continuous insulation. The IsoHemp lintels are available in width of 9cm, 12cm, 15cm, 20cm, 30cm and various lengths.



Brackets: bridging an opening.

The use of brackets is recommended to hold hempcrete blocks in place above window and door openings when you don't want to use an IsoHemp lintel. 

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Angle Irons

Angle irons: masonry basics.

For some cases we recommended using angle irons when you place the first row of hempcrete blocks. 

This solution is preferred for outdoor insulation as an alternative to using substructures (of silico-limestone, cellular glass, etc.) when there is no adequate foundation. They can also be used for new builds to support suspended hempcrete block masonry. In general, the angle irons can sometimes be used as lintels or as a connector between two long, very thick lintels.



Fastening pegs

We recommend using fastening pegs to fix hemp blocks to a load-bearing structure such as concrete masonry, terracotta, bricks, etc. The peg is driven into in the existing wall and embedded into the IsoHemp hempcrete blocks' masonry joint. The galvanized wire pegs are 3.5mm thick.


Galvanised steel screw suitable for all fittings 

These screws can be inserted directly into the hempcrete blocks without wall plugs and can bear up to 25kg per screw. If plaster or a cladding has been applied to the hempcrete blocks, you can insert the screws directly into the wall.

Connecting brackets

We recommend using brackets as mechanical connectors between the hempcrete blocks and the existing structure. They connect them to the frame (frame and reinforcing beams) and can be used for interior and exterior insulation equally.